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As of 2017, we are requiring 5 panel genetic disease testing on all mares to be bred to our stallions.

Based on our commitment to do what's best for the breed, we feel strongly enough about the importance of this to make it a requirement.  We realize that this will cost us some breedings, but feel it is necessary as stewards of the breed.  

We hope you understand, but if not, feel free to drop us a line for discussion.


Our Commitent to you:  All of our stallions are 5 panel nn, always.

Silver Assured

Silver Assured is a 2014 silver bay, and one of two of the only Quarter Horse stallions in the world to be tested as ZZ, meaning he carries two copies of silver dilution, and every foal he sires will carry silver.  This very bright, intelligent, yet quiet-minded horse is an amazing animal for so many reasons, not just his color!  

Inquire with us for a GUARANTEED silver Quarter Horse foal out of our great mares!!     

Pedigree:  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/silver+assured

5 panel nn   

Color Panel:  EE AA ZZ  


Breeding Info:  Silver Assured's book is open to just three AQHA mares per year.  Any breed outside AQHA feel free to inquire about live cover breeding at the ranch or frozen semen anywhere in North America.  $2500 breed fee.    

Rollin In My Dually

"Winston" is a tremendous stallion with all sorts of eye-appeal, good foot & bone, and a great pedigree that makes for a great mind and a ton of athleticism.  Here is a horse that, despite being nearly blind in one eye, is as solid as they come to ride.  He tries hard to do exactly what is asked of him and there is only honesty in this stallion.  

He comes from a great line up of ancestry, being sired by the mighty CD Olena (NCHA $170,000+), and out of a daughter of Dual Pep (NCHA $307,000+).  His maternal grand-dam is Dazzling Pistol (NCHA $8,500+) a full sister to Playgun.  Friends, this is a pedigree that has no holes in it.

Contact us for a copy of the breeding contract.  We breed halter-broke, manageable, registered mares only, and reserve the right to refuse mares.  Our goal has been and will continue to be to do what is best for the breed.  In that vein, we are requiring all mares to be 5 panel tested as of 2017's breeding season.  Thank you for considering this stallion!    


Pedigree:  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/rollin+in+my+dually

5 panel nn, as are all of our stallions, always.    


Breeding Info: $1000 pasture breeding at the ranch

OR frozen semen, anywhere in North America  



Hall of Fame, NCHA
NCHA Horse of the Year, 1995
NCHA Futurity, '94 1st O Futurity Champion
NCHA Derby, '95 1st O Derby Champion
NCHA money-earner, COA

NCHA Earnings: $170,706;

Hall of Fame Offspring:, Sister CD (NCHA)
World Champion Offspring
Superior Performance Offspring
ROM Performance Offspring
NRHA Money-earners
NCHA Money-earners
NRCHA Money-earners
Halter Point Earners



NCHA Super Stakes
NCHA Breeders
NCHA Classic
NCHA Challenge
NCHA money-earner

NCHA Earnings: $302,053;

Hall of Fame Offspring:
World Champion Offspring:
Reserve World Champion Offspring
Top Ten World Show Offspring
Superior Performance Offspring
ROM Performance Offspring
NRHA Money-earners
NCHA Money-earners
NRCHA Money-earners



NCHA money-earner
World Show Qualifier

Silver Lincoln

2014 AQHA silver bay stallion 
Lincoln is the once-in-a-lifetime type of horse that so many folks wish they had, even when they don’t know exactly what it is they’re looking for.  They’re looking for a mellow, even-tempered animal they can do everything and anything on because that is the goal of most people who ride horses.  It isn’t always to compete in a show pen, or to win the World in this discipline or that – it’s to have a horse that trusts, that learns, that retains, and that quietly and carefully carries them on each adventure they take together.  This is Silver Lincoln.  

We just can’t say enough good things about this composed mind, his Quarter Horse type, his class and the fact that he gives all those things to his foals too.  

It also doesn’t hurt that there’s a 50% chance of silver with this stallion!    
5 panel nn  


Dun It Ok (2000)

A gorgeous, show-stopping stallion with striking color and plenty of dun factor!  A grandson of Hollywood Dun It & of Peprica (Peponita), Dun It Ok is an honest, quiet horse with an impeccable disposition, which makes him a pleasure to handle.  With his homozygosity for black and for dun, this stallion will always pass along his black points and dun factor.  Keep in mind he also carries a copy of the cream dilution gene, which will be passed down to foals 50% of the time.  On an already dilute mare (buckskin, palomino, etc.) this means there is a chance of a double dilute.

"Woodrow" was put into reining training as a 7 year old, and showed that remarkable Hollywood Dun It talent!  Here is a list of his accomplishments:   

47 ABRA points, ABRA ROM Dun Factor, 6 ABRA Halter points 

AQHA Open Reining Point Earner 

NRHA money earner 

RHANW Year End High Point & money earner

Video of Dun It Ok foals - the proof is in the pudding!     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDRnpnChRdw&app=desktop


Breeding Info: $1000 frozen semen only, anywhere in North America 

Pedigree:  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/dun+it+ok

*5 panel N/N   

*Color Panel:  EE Aa DD nCr           

*Mares must be approved before breeding, contact us with mares you wish to be considered  

*Mares must have registration papers of some kind

*5 panel testing of stock-horse mares is required

Shiver Shake (1999-2020)

Shiver Shake is an exceptional son of Docs Hickory.  The stallion earned about $20,000 NCHA himself and has progeny earnings nearing $75,000.  He also boasts a phenomenal bottom side - check out his pedigree here:   http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/shiver+shake.   

Pleased, proud and thankful for the opportunity to own such a stallion, we would be remiss not to thank Lisa from Kansas, for choosing us for this great old horse.    

We do have frozen semen on the horse in both Canada & the US.  Drop us a line to discuss if you'd like to breed to this great, old-blood horse.    

5 panel nn, as are all our stallions, always.    

Pegasus (2003)

Photo credit to Tanja Schneider Photography
Photo credit to Tanja Schneider Photography

2003 AQHA Gray stallion by Playgun out of Flo N Cut X Peppy Docsan X Peppy San


NCHA LTE: $54,784


-NCHA Futurity Finalist

-Iowa Derby Champion,  Minnesota Derby Champion,  Nebraska Derby Champion,  Wyoming Derby Champion,  Kansas Derby Champion,  Tom Powers Aged Event Champion,  Kansas Royal Finalist,  Minnesota Cutting Horse Association Champion,  Nebraska Open Classic & Non-Pro Res. Champion

-NCHA Cert. of Ability


2008 Open Qualifier for Jr. Cutting World Show

2008 Amateur Qualifier Cutting World Show

2009 Amateur Qualifier Cutting Select World Show

2011 Amateur Qualifier Cutting Select World Show

2011 Amateur Qualifier Cutting World Show


A spectacular stallion with an iconic name, Pegasus fits the image the name conjures. Standing just shy of 15HH and weighing in at 1200lbs, Pegasus is a son of the mighty Playgun.


It's important to note that he was retired sound, after winning $55,000 in the show pen as a non-pro. He has good, strong, round bone, good feet, low hocks and a great driving force in the hind end. A good back & neck and a pretty head with small ears, big jowls with some of the biggest, kindest, most intelligent eyes ever put on a horse.


Pegasus has presence & an obvious intelligence and is a trainable, consistent, active-minded horse.

Truly a special animal, Pegasus embodies the ideal Quarter Horse stallion for the ages; he's well-bred, well-made, proven, solid, sound, and a great mind all in a pretty package.


Though we no longer own this stallion, he has moved to a home that does not intend to offer him to outside mares, though mare owners wishing to breed to Pegasus can do so through us via frozen semen. 

If you are interested in breeding to this stallion, please contact Fleetwood Farms Quarter Horses

with mares you wish to have considered.  We reserve the right to refuse mares.


Breed Fee: $1000

frozen semen anywhere in North America


5 panel N/N (HYPP, HERDA, GBED, PSSM1, MH)  



Champ Silverado (2010)

Photo credit to Elfie Hall
Photo credit to Elfie Hall

A rare silver bay Quarter Horse, Champ is one of just a handful of AQHA horses that carry the silver gene. It originated somewhere within the good working stock of the Bar U Ranch, which is now a National Historic Site in western Canada. You'll recognize other names on his papers too, not the least of which is Freckles Playboy (World Champion Cutter & producer of same).

This is a boy to not miss! With his bulldog type conformation, beautiful big kind eye, trainable mind & wicked color, this is a great stallion.      

Champ spent almost a year in training with Marty Gardner of Flattop Horsemanship.   


Breeding Info:  Frozen semen only, available anywhere in North America. 


Pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/champ+silverado

5 panel nn, as are all our stallions, always.   

Jax Fed Ex (1989-2014)

Jax Fed Ex was an amazing individual; and we thank all who believed in him, bred to him, or bought his babies.  

He was a real "step up" for us in every way - everything the outside world saw in him as a stallion; and everything only we got to see in him as a horse.

  We could go on and on about the stallion, but this quote from world-renowned trainer and clinician Ken McNabb sums him up nicely.   


"It is a rare occasion when you find confirmation, disposition, color and
bloodlines all in the same package.  That's exactly what makes Jax Fed Ex
such a special horse in my estimation.  I have spent a lifetime among horses
and have rarely ever seen a stud horse that I thought combined those
attributes as nicely as Jax Fed Ex does.  This horse has royalty on his
paper beyond belief and yet as a very mature horse is still
incredibly sound.  I actually cannot think of one fault in this nice
buckskin stud horse." 

Trainer & Horseman, Ken McNabb


Pedigree:  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/jax+fed+ex


Simply A Spark (1997-2015)

We are the Canadian agent for this great stallion.    


Simply A Spark is a full brother to Shining Spark, bred by Carol Rose.  Sired by Genuine Doc (LTE $32,984 NCHA), by Doc Bar & out of the mare Diamonds Sparkle (1979 AQHA World Show Superhorse) grand-daughter to Blondy's Dude.    

A purchase agreement was that Simply A Spark never be shown. His offspring are athletic, natural lead changers, stopping correctly, turning over their hocks, cowy, great-looking horses!  The foals can and do go on to be reiners, working cow horses, roping (both ends), ranch horse, competitive ranch horses or used for pleasure riding.  In addition to their natural athleticism, "Spark" foals are stamped with his beautiful head, perfect neck and shoulders, short back, strong loin and great hip and hind leg.

Proven, world-class genetics are what this stallion carries; genetics that make Simply A Spark a step above.  


5 panel N/N (HYPP, HERDA, GBED, PSSM1, MH)



Frozen semen only, no LFG, inquire within   


US customers for this stallion - please contact Elizabeth Hunton at 4064463926  

CE Poco Cara Blanca (1997-2016)

Our "Poco", was a grand-son of Poco Bueno & in fact line-bred back to him, tracing just over 40% of his blood to that one legendary horse - Poco Bueno.  Poco also had Wimpy P1, the first horse ever given a permanent AQHA number, on the face of his papers.   He tested clean across the board on the 5 panel test, but due to no fault of his own, had some health issues that slowed him down.  We used him on just a handful of select mares for the last few years of his life that he lived with us, and his foals were always stamped with "that look" of the Poco Bueno horses.  

He was a gentle, old soul, and we shall forever be grateful that he chose us to be with for his last few years.     


5 panel N/N (HYPP, HERDA, GBED, PSSM1, MH)    

Pedigree:  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/ce+poco+cara+blanca

Jaz Poco Goldun Blue (1994-2020)

1994 AQHA Grullo Stallion, Jaz Poco Goldun Blue  

The Most Recognized Grullo Horse in the World,    

has been sold and will move to Nebraska in April 2017.


                                                                               - 95% Foundation bred

                                                                               - 27% Poco Bueno bred

                                                                               - Homozygous Dun

                                                                               - 5 panel negative    

"Blue" is an exceptionally pretty & talented luminous grullo stallion. He stands approximately 14.3+ hands high and weighs about 1250 lbs. He is accented with rich dark points, dark shadows, leg-barring and tiger stripes and a distinctive dorsal stripe. His sire and dam were grulla, plus he has over 8 generations of grulla’s in his pedigree. Blue is HOMOZYGOUS for the dun factor, and that means he will produce ONLY dun factor offspring - bred to ANY color mare - he will give a red dun, dun, or grulla foal. 

A remarkably talented horse, what must be remembered about this particular stallion is that he is not a stallion only because of his color and his ability to throw color; but he is also a proven animal.  With all the titles to his name, and to his progeny, there is no doubt that this is a horse who truly has it all - conformation, disposition, trainability, talent - all wrapped up in that great grulla color!   

•AQHA Registry of Merit (ROM) Reining
•IBHA Registry of Merit (ROM) Reining
•2001 Open Reining Circuit Champion
•2001 MHBHA Working Cow Horse 1st Place
•2000 NRHA Limited Open Res. Champion Sandhills Slide
•2000 NRHA Limited Open Res. Champion High Desert Slide
•2000 Working Cow horse Circuit Champion Colorful Colorado
•1998 MHBHA Reining Champion
•1998 A.Q.H.A. Junior Reining Colorful Colorado Circuit Champion
•1998 I.B.H.A. Open Reining Colorful Colorado Circuit Champion
•NRHA Money Earner
Though this stallion is retired from breeding outside mares, there is:  

- Pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/jaz+poco+goldun+blue

- Color Panel:  Ee aa DD  

Pepsi Max (1994-2006)

Grandpa Fleetwood said that you'd be able to count your best friends in life on one hand, and if you got one great horse, and one great dog in your lifetime, you were really lucky.  

This was my once-in-a-lifetime horse.  





Playinwithafulldeck (1987-2016)

Pictured here at 24 years old
Pictured here at 24 years old

An amazing old stallion who came to us from the Perkins Ranch in Tyler, Texas, "Playboy" has a pedigree like no other left in the world today.  He is a direct son of Freckles Playboy and out of a daughter of Doc Bar.  Poco Tivio is on the face of his papers.  He was 5 panel negative.

We were honored to have had a stallion like this.       

Having severed a tendon at the tender age of 3, he did not make it to show himself, but has a progeny record as follows:  

Sire of NCHA money earners & AQHA Performance & Youth Point Earners, AQHA Youth World Show Tie-Down Roping Qualifier, & AQHA Show Reserve All Around Winner.

Pedigree:  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/playinwithafulldeck

Polly Had A Cracker

Fleetwood Farms Quarter Horses stood this great stallion for the 2017 season.   

Here's some details on this very cool horse: Cracker is an eye catching white buckskin roan with a distinguished, level temperament and a fun personality. Consistently throwing willing and working minds, athleticism and a whole lot of pretty... this boy is not one to overlook! Cracker is a fully trained reined cow-horse who unfortunately came home from training with an injured stifle and was unable to show. He has such a calm demeanor he has been used to teach many children to ride, and he babysits the weanlings in fall; but when you need the get up and go to catch that cow, he has it in spades.

He is 5 panel N/N and a double grandson of Laico Leo Bar (SI96) who set track records across Alberta and sired a dynasty of trainable, fast, cowy horses. Cracker also carries the great King Ranch's Pasamonte lines and a whole lot of cow horse and speed comes down that pedigree. With no Poco Bueno and only one instance of Doc Bar back in his 5th generation, Cracker is a solid outcross of those good old, tried and true bloodlines proven to mix back in to today's mares with high percentages of Doc Bar and Poco Bueno.

Pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/polly+had+a+cracker

Ichi Town

Fleetwood Farms Quarter Horses partnered with ACC Quarter Horses in 2020 & 2021 on this gray stallion "Ichi Town" by Cat Ichi!

This fabulous stallion is out of the mare Fiddletown a producer of over $50,000 NCHA and a daughter of Handle Bar Doc by Doc Bar. Handle Bar Doc has offspring earnings of over a million dollars and was a World Champion. Ichi Town's top-side is teeming with NCHA earning horses, not the least of which is his grandsire, High Brow Cat. His paternal grand-dam is the legendary Laney Doc, #3 All Time Producing Mare (at the time of her death). Ichi Town is sired by Cat Ichi, NCHA earner of over $300,000 with offspring earnings over $6.5 million!

Ichi Town fractured his left hip and damanged the growth plate as a colt and so was never shown; though he was broke to ride and has been used as a ranch horse and been a versatile, go-to mount for his owner. Besides his quiet, trainable mind, the stallion boasts great bone, good feet and a durable build.

Pedigree: https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/ichi+town

5 panel nn

Playguns Poco Bueno

Summer, 2013.
Summer, 2013.

This is a stunning dark bay stallion that we leased for the 2013 & 2014 breeding seasons.  

Sired by the immortal Playgun, who's progeny have now won over $8,000,000 in cow-horse related events, "Sunny" is a shining example of good breeding when it turns out right.  He is a well-made, intelligent stallion with good looks, a short back, nice hip, low hocks, low tail-set, great foot & bone, and he is very correct & straight.  He was shown lightly in ARCHA shows with some success and all sorts of praise from his trainers and the folks who know him.  On the dam's side, his maternal grand-sire is Poco Bueno 093, a stallion from the Perkins Ranch in Texas.  Poco Bueno 093 traces 50% of his blood to Poco Bueno, making him one of the highest percentage Poco Bueno horses left in the world.

Thank you to our customers who bred to this stallion!  We no longer stand Sunny here, but are very thankful to have had such a great stallion for a couple of seasons.        

5 panel negative    

Pedigree:  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/playguns+poco+bueno

Haidas Little Badger (1988-2012)

A captivating stallion, even in the end at 24 years old, "Ace" was kind, easy to be around, a gentleman and had an amazing performance record.  

Although this gamble on an old stallion to try and get some foals did not pay off, we still feel priveleged to have owned a horse like this and given him a really great last year of his life.  He was a very honorable ole boy.       

Pedigree:  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/haidas+little+badger  

$64,667 ($50,000+ NCHA)

-110 AQHA points

-5th, NCHA Open Challenge 

-NCHA Bronze Award

-AQHA High Point Open & Amateur Cutting Champion

-Augusta SC Fall Non-Pro Futurity Champion and Open Classic Champion

-Augusta 4-Year-Old $20,000 Amateur Champion 

-Southern Non-Pro Futurity Reserve Champion

-NCHAOpen Top 15

-NCHA Nationals Open finalist

-IBHA World Champion Senior & Amateur Cutting Horse 

-ABRA World Champion Open & Amateur Cutting Horse 

-Top 10, AQHA World Championship Amateur Cutting

-ACHA Non-Pro World finalist 

-Top 15 NCHA Open Finals

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