Sold Horses

PGS Army Pistol (Annie)

Photo credit to Myf Vowles, Stepping Stone Photography.
Photo credit to Myf Vowles, Stepping Stone Photography.

A royally bred mare, Annie is a finished cutting horse and she has also been used for ranch riding, trail riding, doing lessons, etc.  She is a daughter of Playgun, out of a mare by Peppy San Badger & her maternal granddam is by Colonel Freckles.  She's a sweetheart, easy to be around, and a really well put-together mare.  Check out the power in the pedigree of this mare.  She produced a great stud colt by Jax Fed Ex in 2013, who's new owner is hoping to use him as a non-pro cutting horse - with Playgun, Miss Silver Pistol, Freckles Playboy, Peppy San Badger, Doc Bar & Poco Tivio on the face of his papers, he oughta be a cow horse!  In 2014, she had a gorgeous dun filly by Jaz Poco Goldun Blue who will make her new home on a ranch near Edmonton, AB.  Annie's 2015 foal sold in utero.  Congratulations, Kevin, on your 2015 dark dun filly by Jaz Poco Goldun Blue.  

Annie's 2016 filly by Pegasus is sold to the Madge family of east-central Alberta, and Annie is moving to a new home herself at the end of 2016.  She's been a great mare for us, and we know she will do well and be looked after in her new home with Sharon at Priddis, AB.  Annie will be living with a couple of our 2015 babies, a colt by Pegasus and a filly by Blue.  Thank you Sharon for all your support of our program.        



2016 chestnut colt (Pegasus x Sun N Roses x Mr Sun O Lena)

This fantastic colt was sold in utero, but is now being offered for sale by the in utero buyer, as his personal situation has changed.   

The colt is well made, short-coupled and bred to make speedy moves on a cow, as he is sired by Pegasus, and NCHA earning stallion of nearly $55,000 and out of a mare by Mr Sun O Lena, NCHA $37,306.  

This colt is a grandson to both Playgun & Mr Sun O Lena, and has great names on the face of his papers like Freckles Playboy, Miss Silver Pistol, Doc O Lena, & Mr King Peppy.  

Sold!  Congratulations, Kaylea!!    


$2800 CAD or 2100 USD     

TwiceRoyal Rocinante (Rosa)

Summer 2014
Summer 2014

A mare who has come to us from California, Rosa is a fairly tall mare, 15.1HH, well put together, ranchy, pretty.  28% of her blood traces to KING P234, and she's a grand-daugther of Doc O Lena.  Check out the pedigree link below, just so you can see KING P234 right on her papers - not something you get to see much in this day and age!   

Rosa's 2013 colt by Jax Fed Ex lives with his owner Becca near Edmonton, AB, and she loves him & his quiet, willing mind more than almost anything else in the world!  

Rosa had a beautiful bay stud colt by Champ Silverado for 2016, and he's sold to Wendi Brown of Okotoks.  We know you will enjoy this baby a bunch, Wendi, and thank you for always supporting our breeding program.      

She's bred to our CD Olena son, Rollin In My Dually for a 2017 foal.     


Check out her pedigree at:

5 panel nn  

Priced at $3500 CAD or 2800 USD, inclusive of the 2017 foal.       


Congratulations to the Musgrove family of Jenner, AB on your purchase of this outstanding mare!     

2014 - Jessie's A Fox (Jessie) Jaz Poco Goldun Blue x Peppys Foxy Star (line-bred Peppy San)

2 years old

Photo credit to Tanja Schneider Photography
2 years old Photo credit to Tanja Schneider Photography

Beautiful and sweet, not a stitch of white, this grulla filly combines the best of both characteristics of her sire and dam.  She is slated to stay with us, grow up, get broke, and if she earns it, to someday join the broodmare band.

At 3 years old, this filly sold to Tammy in Indiana, USA.  Congratulations on a fine filly!   

2016 bay colt (Rollin In My Dually x Little Bow Eden x Jax Fed Ex)

Sired by Rollin In My Dually (Winston) & the first baby for our Jax Fed Ex daughter, Eden, this colt is the product of a number of generations of our own breeding.  Eden is by Jax & out of a mare by Pepsi Max.  Eden's maternal grandmother is Reba, who you know if you've been to the ranch for a horse tour.  She was born in 1987 and has been with us since 1990, and she still lives here!  We showed her open & AQHA, she worked on the ranch, in the feedlot, etc. and then had 6 foals before retiring.  She's our matriarch, and this foal will be her great-grandbaby!    

This colt is built very well proportioned and balanced.  He'll make a classic, fine gelding!    

This colt was in fact sold quite early after his birth, but due to some unforseen and unfortunate circumstances for the owner, she's had to turn him back to us.  He is up for sale again, and at a bargain basement price of $2000 CAD/1500 USD.    

Not all of each year's foals get listed here for sale, as they sometimes sell

too fast to get on the website!  



Keep track of us on Facebook at Fleetwood Farms Quarter Horses for

the most up-to-date information.    

Little Bow Eden (Eden)


Eden got her name from her vet friend Dr. Melissa Eden, who helped her through a bad wire cut when she was just a baby.  She is a doll, gorgeous in every way and proportion, no white, all lady & exactly what we hoped for as a Jax Fed Ex daughter!  She's a super sensitive mare, her mind is always working.  Eden is not only a Jax Fed Ex daughter, but she's out of a daughter of our old Pepsi Max stallion.  More info about both these stallions is available on the Stallions page of this website.      

Eden had a beautiful bay colt by Rollin In My Dually for 2016.  He was a fine specimen, very classy and curious, always a people lover.  She was open for 2017, but will be bred back to Rollin In My Dually for a 2018 foal.  

2016 foal in utero (Pegasus x Desire Sum Luck) SOLD

Sired by Pegasus, who's National Cutting Horse Association earnings are $54,784, this foal should be an extraordinary athlete.  It's mother is an NRHA earning mare & a tremendously well bred mare; she is our Paddys Irish Whiskey daughter, "CC" Desire Sum Luck.  

Both Pegasus & CC have huge, intelligent, exquisite brown eyes, so the foal should too!  50% chance of gray, 100% chance of a formidable pedigree! 

This foal will have Playgun, Freckles Playboy, Miss Silver Pistol, Paddys Irish Whiskey, Peppy San Badger, and Genuine Doc all on the face of it's papers.  




Congratulations Trish of Alberta, on your purchase of this outstanding foal!     

2016 dun/grulla filly (Simply A Spark x Heidi Dun Hickory x Docs Hickory)

2016 AQHA dun filly by Simply A Spark out of Heidi Dun Hickory, by Docs Hickory.

Though this filly has been on my "keep" list ever since she was born, we have regrettably decided that we can't keep as many fillies this year as we had previously planned.

"Eve" is sired by Simply A Spark, full brother to Shining Spark - a stallion known across the disciplines and by Quarter Horse enthusiasts everywhere. Her mother is a daughter of Docs Hickory, who was the grand sire of High Brow Cat. This filly is the real deal; when people discuss royal pedigree and power in the blood, she's got it. Eve is a granddaughter of Genuine Doc, Diamonds Sparkle, and Docs Hickory. She will have Doc Bar on the face of her papers twice, and in fact is line-bred to Doc Bar, tracing 25% of her blood to him - the equivalent of a grand daughter.

She is an exquisitely built filly, with straight legs, good bone and feet, very proportionate throughout, and is turning a dark, dark dun with no white except on her forehead. She handles everything we do with her for training & handling with ease and quietness in her mind.

We believe she has the combination of a great mind, superior genetics, and tremendous conformation to go far at any discipline she's pointed at; and when that time is complete for her, she will make an elite brood mare in any band, passing on her dun-factor 50% of the time. She is also 5 panel nn through parentage.

More information and pictures of both the sire and dam are available here on the website.  

Sire pedigree:

Dam pedigree:


$7000 CAD or 5400 USD   *Note* In early October, we sent hair samples away to determine if this filly is dun or grulla.  Color will be listed properly when we have results.    


Thanks & credit to both Tanja Schneider Photography & Tara McKenzie Fotos for their contribution of pictures on this filly.

2015 filly True- Pegasus x Anns Badgerette x Peppy San Badger

An exceptional filly that we anyone would be proud and excited to have, True is a sweet, people-loving filly with Royal Quarter Horse blood.  

She's a granddaughter of Playgun & Peppy San Badger.  On the face of her paper is Freckles Playboy, Miss Silver Pistol, Mr San Peppy & Colonel Freckles.  Needless to say, they don't make 'em like this anymore.     

Her sire is an NCHA earner of nearly $55,000 and her dam an NCHA earner of about $18,500.     



Priced at $6000 CAD or 4700 USD    


SOLD to the Powderhorn Ranch in Wyoming        

2015 Chestnut colt - Sunny (Pegasus x Sun N Roses x Mr Sun O Lena)

This is an outstanding colt, sired by one of the greatest horses to stand at stud in Canada.  His mother is one of our best brood mares, and she has royal pedigree both top and bottom.  This colt is feely and sensitive, but smart and engaged too.  We think he's going to be a great one!  He's straight and proper and as well made as they come.   

He is a grandson of both Playgun and Mr Sun O Lena, with Freckles Playboy, Miss Silver Pistol, Doc O Lena & Mr King Peppy (by Mr San Peppy) all on the face of his papers.  

5 panel n/n

Priced at: $4000      

Congratulations to Amanda on this fine colt!       

2016 foal in utero (Jaz Poco Goldun Blue x Whizzin Lena) SOLD

Sired by the Most Recognized Grulla Horse in the World, Jaz Poco Goldun Blue, this foal has a tremendous mother.  

NRHA earning mare Whizzin Lena, who's by Topsail Whiz, recently a $10,000,000 NRHA sire.  

Proven parents, great lineage, and guaranteed dun factor to boot!  What's not to love?!    


Regular Pricing:  $5000 CAD

November First Chance Foal Sale:  Sold - Congratulations to Peggy in Oregon, USA!   

2016 colt (Pegasus x Peppy Levana) SOLD


Sired by the iconic Pegasus (NCHA $54,784) and out of one of our best producing brood mares, "Demi" Peppy Levana.  

Demi always has big, beautiful, strong, growthy foals & we got no different this time!  This big, baby-doll headed colt is fancy, fancy.  

This colt is a grandson of Playgun & Got Pep.  He will have Freckles Playboy, Miss Silver Pistol, Peppy San Badger & Docs Summer Wages on the face of his papers!   


Sold to Jackson Holm of Alberta!  Congratulations, Jackson!     

2016 foal in utero (Rollin In My Dually x Playsational) SOLD

Sired by our Winston, who may have the best cow-horse pedigree of any of our stallions, and out of our mare Chica, who was bred at the Frank Perkins Ranch in Texas.  With Winston's first foals on the ground in 2015 and exceeding our expectations,  this is expected to be an excellent cross.   

50% chance of dun factor on a foal who will be a grandbaby of CD Olena & Chicas Playboy.  On it's papers will also be Doc O Lena, Dual Pep, Freckles Playboy & Mr Sun O Lena.  

It's no wonder Rebecca from BC snapped this one up so quickly!  Congratulations, Rebecca!!      



Sold to Rebecca Prince of BC      

2016 silver bay colt (Champ Silverado x Coyote Belle) SOLD

For sale: 2016 rare Silver Bay AQHA colt. Sired by Champ Silverado, out of Coyote Belle, a granddaughter of Shining Spark!

5 panel nn by parentage.

Color Panel:  EE AA nZ        

He is a big, strong, growthy colt and he's very, very handsome!

Approved home only, $5500 CAD/$4300 USD, or less to a gelding home.


Sold to Shane Menzak of Alberta!  Congratulations on your "Stunner", Shane!    

2014 Dun filly - Ella (Jaz Poco Goldun Blue x PGS Army Pistol x Playgun)

3 days old
3 days old

2015 Gray filly - Portia (Pegasus x Starlights Stylish x Grays Starlight)

2.5 weeks old
2.5 weeks old

This beautiful, elegant, near perfect filly couldn't have been made any better if we could have picked and chosen the parts and proportions ourselves.

She's sired by Pegasus (NCHA $54,781) by Playgun, and out of an NRHA money earning mare by Grays Starlight. This filly's pedigree will be hard to beat, anywhere in the world. She is a granddaughter to both Playgun and Grays Starlight, and will have Freckles Playboy, Miss Silver Pistol & Docs Stylish Oak on the face of her papers.

So often we read about the potential of youngster in sale ads, and this one has the look and the pedigree to back up the claim to potential. Buyers would have to look a long, long ways to find another one like this. She's only for sale here because we have another 2015 filly we are keeping for our own program.

5 panel n/n     

Price:  $5500 

Congratulations to Alan for knowing to swipe this one up!     

2014 Bay filly - Meela (Jax Fed Ex x Dianas Diamond Lil x Peppy San Badger)

2014 Red Dun colt (Jaz Poco Goldun Blue x Miss Pistol Player x Freckles Playboy and out of Miss Silver Pistol)

2014 Black colt - Spade (Playguns Poco Bueno x JAS Skips Little Lil x Pepsi Max)

Whizzin Lena (Whiz)

Summer 2014
Summer 2014

Bred at Bob Loomis Quarter Horses in Oklahoma, Whiz is a very well-bred reining mare.  Sired by Topsail Whiz and out of a mare by Justa Doc Olena by Doc O Lena, this mare was third in the South Country Derby Non-Pro division in 2001, and won the Non-Pro Reining Futurity at the Canadian Supreme in Red Deer, Alberta.  Bred to Jaz Poco Goldun Blue for a 2015 dun-factor filly, and then had a beautiful colt (sold in utero) by him in 2016.  She's bred back the same way for 2017.  

(NRHA $3,754)  

Dam of 4 performing foals.




Hall of Fame
NRHA money-earner
World Show Qualifier
AQHA Leading Sire
ROM Performance

World Champion Offspring
Reserve World Champion Offspring
NRHA Futurity Champion Offspring
Superior Performance Offspring
ROM Performance Offspring
NRHA Money-earners
NCHA Money-earners
NRCHA Money-earners
Halter Point Earners
NRHA Six Million Dollar Sire

2014 Grulla colt (Jaz Poco Goldun Blue x Idle Mistress)

Month & a half old
Month & a half old

2014 Dunskin filly - Jade

"Jade" is a granddaughter of Hollywood Dun It & High Brows Image (by High Brow Hickory the sire of High Brow Cat). This sweet filly is halter broke and ready for her next home. She's listed as dun in color, she certainly has the dun factor, and she likely carries a copy of the cream dilution gene like a buckskin, making her a dunskin.

She does carry a one copy of GBED, a recessive genetic disease tested for on the 5 panel. If you expect to use this filly in the future as a brood mare, it is something I would suggest you educate yourself on if you don't already know about it. Other than that, this very nice little gal will make a great horse for someone who wants pedigree, color, and disposition all in the same package.

Congratulations Rita on your purchase, we know you will enjoy this lovely little gal!      

2014 Chestnut colt - Texas (CE Poco Cara Blanca x Sun N Roses x Mr Sun O Lena)

Almost 3 months old
Almost 3 months old

2014 Bay colt - Classy (Playguns Poco Bueno x Zero On Arrival x Simply A Spark)

10 days old
10 days old

2013 Bay Colt - Disco (Equine Excellence x RV Gay Widow x Skeened Badger)

About 3 months old
About 3 months old

Here we took two polar opposites and tested the waters with something a little different for our program.  We took our shortest, squarest, stockiest cow-horse mare and crossed her to a long, tall running-bred barrel/ranch horse stallion.... and got a great colt!  This leggy little fella is a real looker, solid bay, very well-made and & fluid in his movement.  His dam is by Skeened Badger, a stallion who specialized in reining & working cow horse, and he was in the Top Ten in the World Show.  The colt's daddy is a using ranch horse that also competes in barrels, and he is a grand-son of both First Down Dash & Bully Bullion. 

Congatulations Maria, on your pick of a very fine colt!   

2013 Buckskin Filly - Grace (Jax Fed Ex x Peppy Levana x Got Pep)

Hours old
Hours old

Born on April 28th, "Grace" arrived the world happy, healthy, beautiful and friendly!  Like her full brother born in 2011, she is buckskin and just such a perfect cross between Jax & Demi.  This is a big, strong, impeccable filly who has it all!  Sired by Jax, he gives her Doc Bar & Poco Tivio on the papers, and from Demi's side she will have Peppy San Badger, Got Pep & Docs Summer Wages on the face of her papers.  Grace sold at 2 days old.  Congratulations Joanne, and here is to a long and happy relationship between the two of you!    

2013 Sorrel Colt - Ben (Jax Fed Ex x TwiceRoyal Rocinante x Docs Twice Royal)

Almost three weeks old
Almost three weeks old

Here is a really fetching boy, born on the 10th of May to one of our line-bred King P234 mares out of California.  She is a grand-daughter to Doc O Lena and just shy of 40% to the blood of King. The colt has a really pretty head & neck and a continuous, proportionate great body & he moves out at an effortless lope.  Cow-horse & foundation blood at it's finest - this young fella will have Doc O Lena, Doc Bar, Poco Tivio & a daughter of King P234 all on the face of his papers.  


Congratulations Becca, we know you have a good match for yourself here and think you will both enjoy each other for a lifetime!    

2013 Sorrel Colt - Jones (Jax Fed Ex x PGS Army Pistol x Playgun)

1 month old
1 month old

Arriving on Monday, April 29, (the day George Jones passed away, hence his name) this deluxe little sorrel colt is a great bodied animal.  All the right parts & proportions in all the right places!  He is fast-footed, aware, intent and already shows great athletic ability.  This is truly a fantastic colt.  

This colt is a son of Jax Fed Ex & a grandson of Playgun, & on the face of his papers are;  Doc Bar, Poco Tivio, Freckles Playboy, Miss Silver Pistol & Peppy San Badger.  Sounds like a cow-horse extraordinaire!    


Congratulations Colin!  You got a great cow-horse prospect in this colt!    

2013 Dun Filly - Faye (JPGB x Twice Royals Dina x Docs Twice Royal)

1 month old
1 month old

A beautiful little filly, the only bay dun filly of the season!  Out of a grand-daughter of Doc O Lena, a mare with KING P234 on the face of her papers, this little angel should grow up to be a nice, versatile, useable horse.

2013 Grulla Filly - Nina (JPGB x JAS Skips Little Lil x Pepsi Max)

2 months old - photo courtesy of Shannon Lawlor
2 months old - photo courtesy of Shannon Lawlor

A beautiful grulla filly born to Lil, a daughter of Pepsi Max.  She is growing up fast, big & strong!  This filly has the great musculature and hip of her momma & her daddy, the color, the disposition - who doesn't want a grulla filly that will grow up to be a great mare like this?

2013 Red Dun Filly - Ember (JPGB x CDs Lil Tenina x CD Olena)

Nearly 2 months old
Nearly 2 months old

A super-sweet, super-feminine, super well-bred filly by Blue!  Her mother is an own daughter of CD Olena out of an own daughter of Docs Hickory.  This filly should develop into a very useable, very effeminate, typey mare.


Congratulations Jaquelene!    

2013 Bay Colt - (Jax Fed Ex x JAS Little Bow Baby x Pepsi Max)

First stud colt ever for Bow, and no disappointment for us!  This is a gorgeous, big, strong strapping bay colt with the same heterochromic eyes his older sister "Salt" had.  The blue in his eye follows the circular outside line of the eye, and it makes him just that much more appealing!  

2013 Grulla Colt - Zorro (Roosters Wrangler x Goldun Bueno Bobbie x Jaz Poco Goldun Blue)

About a week old
About a week old

A first-class colt we have been waiting a long time for!  This fantastic grulla colt by the World Champion producing stallion Roosters Wrangler (sired by Gallo Del Cielo x Peppy San Badger) is already a stunner, in his looks, movement, & disposition.  Certainly a contender as a stud prospect, with the breeding, brains, looks & color.   


Congratulations to brothers Mike & Kevin on your purchase of this great colt!   He should make a great ranch horse and a great herd-sire for your program.  All the best!   

2013 Sorrel Filly - Irish (Isle Be Midnight x AV Hickory Miss - GD of Docs Hickory)

This beautiful, baby-doll headed little girl came from a new-to-us dun mare.  She is friendly, quiet & inquisitive, developing a great hip and musculature over a great structure.  She is already sold.   

2012 Chestnut Filly - Felicity (Birch Creek Red Buck x Sun N Roses x Mr Sun O Lena)

Pictured here at 3.5 months old
Pictured here at 3.5 months old

Here is one of the sweetest, nicest, most in-your-pocket type babies we have ever met!  She just loves people, and would seem to have a quiet, willing, capable mind.  She is going to take on the dark liver chestnut color of her dam and most certainly will make a great riding horse and or mama in the future!  

Birch Creek Red Buck is a line-bred Two Eyed Jack stallion from the Galt Ranch in MT.     

Congratulations Chantel on your purchase of this fantastic dipositioned filly!  

2012 Palomino Colt - Sol (Royalty Badges x Yellow Magnolias x Docs Summer Wages)

Pictured here at about 2.5 months
Pictured here at about 2.5 months

A superb, eye-catching colt by a son of Smart Little Baggins out of an own daughter of Ian Tyson's own Docs Summer Wages.  Sumer Wages was by Mr San Peppy, the sire of Peppy San Badger.  This palomino colt with his great chrome on the legs and just a little trace of white down his face has already been and will continue to be a show-stopper!  This colt will be able to do absolutely anything that may be asked of him, based on his conformation, curious disposition and loaded pedigree!  Check out his mother on our "Mares" page.  His daddys pedigree is:


Sold to Colin Herter of Medicine Hat - thanks for the continued support Colin and enjoy this great colt!   

2011 Brown Filly - K (Jax Fed Ex x JAS Skips Little Lil x Pepsi Max)

One day old
One day old

A filly that is near and dear to us, as she wasnt supposed to come into this world alive, according to the vets we called because her mother had trouble foaling.  When they arrived they said the foal was dead, still inside - so they put the chains on and started to pull.  Not half way out, the vet breathed "Its alive!" and when she finally came out and hit the ground in a splash, she sat up and started breathing, as if to show her defiance of death!  With attitude and presence, this little brown filly is a favorite of the visitors to the ranch, as she loves all people.    


Congratulations Tina!!!      

2011 Sorrel Colt - Sid (Skeened Badger x Tuckers Technique)

We have long been committed and admitted fans of Little Peppy, and upon hearing some relatively near business associates and neighbors had an own son standing, we decided to breed a mare to him.  Well that own son of Peppy San Badger also happens to be out of a mare by Doc Bar, so a pretty fantastic cow horse pedigree!  The resulting colt is exactly what his parents and his pedigree say he should be - perhaps plain when you first look at his sorrel color, but then you really notice his good head, big, wide set eyes, nice neck, short back, big hip, great bone, good feet.... you get the picture.  Syd will darn sure be a very level, useable, good-looking gelding!   


By SKEENED BADGER. Superior Reining (1996-Open); Qualified Sr Reining World Show (1996-Open); Qualified Sr Reining World Show (1995-Open); World Show Sr Reining /9th Place (1994-Open); Qualif Jr Working Cow Horse World Show (1993-Open); Qualified Jr Reining World Show (1993-Open); Performance Register of Merit (1993-Open); Qualif Jr Working Cow Horse World Show (1992-Open). Earned: 21 Performance Wins; 57.0 Performance Points; 1 Performance Register of Merit; 1 Performance Superior Award. Other Earnings: AQHA World Championship Show $545.97; National Reining Horse Association $3,442.43.   

2011 Buckskin Colt - Sandy (Jax Fed Ex x Peppy Levana)

Here is a crackerjack!  Born the same day as Lil's filly, this buckskin colt has been decidedly a boy and one with his Daddy's build and put up since he came out.  He sold before he was ever weaned, and we want to wish Leo & Marina Pretty Young Man the best of luck with their new stallion prospect!  

2010 Bay Filly - Lucy (Simply A Spark x Peppy Levana)

"Lucy" is a sweet little bay filly with some tremendous pedigree behind her.  She is quiet, cute and going to make a nice mare.  Sold to some great folks in northern British Columbia!   

2010 Palomino Colt - Caliber (Simply A Spark x Poco Caroway San)

This colt is an absolute knockout.  He got the superior & fetching looks of his sire - with his mothers golden palomino color!  Every once in a while you get a baby that is just that bit extra special, and here is one of those.  

Update, Sept. 2011 - SOLD:  Sparkin Envy has gone to live at the Powderhorn Ranch in Wyoming, with Kip True and his family, who raise and train AQHA horses.  He will stand as one of the herd sires there.  The Powderhorn is also the same place that Ken McNabb lives and works!  Ryan delivered the colt to the good folks at the Powderhorn, and had a great day seeing their ranch, their horses, and is very thankful for the new friends that horses bring into life.   

2010 - She Dun Got Jaz (Reign) Jaz Poco Goldun Blue x Polly Laico

2 years old
2 years old

A daughter of our stallion Jaz Poco Goldun Blue, Reign is a dun-skin beauty that we did not breed but bought back (thanks Theresa!).    

Congratulations to Wayne on his purchase of this lovely mare!     


2010 Red Dun Filly - Tech (Ima Sun Ofa Gun x Tuckers Technique)

This is a classic little Quarter Horse filly who is a granddaughter to Playgun.  She has all the right parts, in all the right proportions, in all the right places!  Sold to Dave Anderson & Jennie Lannan from Cayley, AB!  Enjoy your great filly!   

2010 Chestnut Filly - Barby (Simply A Spark x JAS Skips Little Lil x Pepsi Max)

Arriving May 22nd, 2010 (three weeks earlier than expected!) Barby surprised us all!  By Simply A Spark (full brother to Shining Spark), she has the beauty and presence of her Daddy!  This is a tremendous filly, deep bodied, absolutely correct, and very pretty.  She's bred to be an athlete, and is calm, quiet and ready to please.  


All the best with her, Les!   

2010 Bay Filly - Salt (Jax Fed Ex x JAS Little Bow Baby x Pepsi Max)

Fall 2012
Fall 2012

Our first JFE baby, this filly is no disappointment!  She was born late, not arriving until July, but is developing bone & muscle and a hip just like her Daddy!  Her mother is by our late herd sire Pepsi Max, and is a beautiful mare - so between her and JFE, they have given us a gorgeous, gorgeous filly.  As an added bonus, the filly has a little spot of blue in one eye - she is one that will spend her lifetime standing out in the crowd!! 

Enjoy her, Malcolm & Carla!!   

2009 Red Dun Filly - Time (Jaz Poco Goldun Blue x Tuckers Technique)

Time got her name because of her chosen timing to arrive in the world - we had just had another mare foal, literally minutes earlier, and the foal was still born.  As we stood around consoling each other and feeling the sadness of the loss, Time decided it was a good time to show herself to the world, and her mother lay down not 10 feet from us and had her while we watched.  Funny how things work out sometimes.  This is probably as nice-minded a filly as we have ever had, she is growing well, big & straight.  This would make a really nice working mare for someone if thats what you are looking for.  The red dun color is a great added bonus on this package.   


Enjoy, Rob!  

2009 Dun Filly - Oakley (Jaz Poco Goldun Blue x JAS Little Bow Baby)

Oakley is a 2009 dun filly by Jaz Poco Goldun Blue (AQHA ROM Reining, 2000 Colorful Colorado Circuit Champion Working Cow Horse, NRHA Money Earner, 1998 & 2000 AQHA Jr. Reining Circuit Champion)  and out of a mare by Pepsi Max.  Oakley is as pretty as they come, in a dark dun color and with a baby doll head.  This is a filly who will attract attention, but will require someone with some real patience and persistence to get her going as a riding horse.  She would hold true the old cowboys tale about dun horses being harder physically and mentally.  

2009 Brown Colt - Link (CD Chico x JAS Skips Little Lil x Pepsi Max)

We met Link's daddy, CD Chico, in Texas in 2007 on a stallion tour.  We knew he was a special horse from his calm demeanour and big soft eyes, and his great conformation & fantastic pedigree.  There was no question that Lil was the mare to cross with him, and for her first foal she did not disappoint.  This colt has presence and attraction like his maternal granddaddy, and then being a grandson of CD Olena on the other side isn't bad either!  

2008 Red Dun Filly - Tawny (Jaz Poco Goldun Blue x Tuckers Technique)

By Jaz Poco Goldun Blue, proven grulla stallion, line-bred Poco Bueno.  Out of the mare Tuckers Technique, double bred granddaughter of Doc Tom Tucker, and granddaughter of Poco Tab, by Poco Bueno.  

This is one of the most balanced, pretty fillies we have ever had.  


Sold to the west coast, USA!   

Tucker's Technique (Tucker) 1999-2013

"Tucker" came to live with us from AQHA horseman John Miller of Longview, AB. Tucker is a double bred great-grand daughter of Doc Tom Tucker by Doc Bar, and a great-granddaughter of Poco Bueno, who is still on her papers. This mare is one that you might first over-look in a group, but then when you really look at her she is certainly above average.  In 2007 we were lucky enough to get Penny, by Pepsi and of course that was after Pepsi had passed away. 2008 & 2009 Tucker produced red dun fillies, both by Jaz Poco Goldun Blue from Colorado.  2010 resulted in a very nice red dun filly by Ima Son Ofa Gun (x Playgun out of a Mr Sun O Lena mare), and Tucker had a great colt by Skeened Badger in 2011.  Skeened Badger is a direct son of Peppy San Badger and out of a daughter of Doc Bar.  He has over 50 AQHA points in reining, some points in WCH and NCHA earnings.

A Genuine Wasp (Wanda) 2002-2016

Summer 2013
Summer 2013

Coming from a great friend and horse mentor, Elizabeth Hunton of Montana, this mare is a crowning jewel in our band.  She is a direct daughter of Simply A Spark, who is a full brother to Shining Spark & she is out of a mare by Fritz Command.  "Wanda" suffered from strangles at a young age, which actually broke out up high on her hip and she carries a fair amount of scar tissue there now, and consequently she did not go further in her training.  This is a magnificently built mare, as proper as they come & substantial bodied, correct and straight.  Having said all that, she has a great, feminine head and neck and very definatly looks like a mare.  I have heard the old boys say you want a mare to "have the arse of the washer lady & the face of a model" - well, this one is exactly that. 

Wanda passed due to complications with birthing twins on June 20, 2016.    


CDs Lil Tenina (Toni) 2006-2014

Summer 2013
Summer 2013

Toni is an own daughter of CD Olena, out of a mare by Doc's Hickory.  She is on lease to us from a friend in BC, and she is in foal to Jax for a 2011 baby.  That baby will have CD Olena, Doc O Lena, Doc's Hickory, Doc Bar & Poco Tivio on its papers.  Toni is a beautiful little mare that loves people.  2011 saw a cute little buckskin colt come from Toni, who found himself a home with a cowboy who will love him forever!  2013 was a beautiful red dun filly by Jaz Poco Goldun Blue!    


Dianas Diamond Lil (Diana) 1993-2014

An own daughter of Peppy San Badger (the Texans refer to him as "Little Peppy"), & out of a daughter of Sonofadoc, this mare is one who deserves the over-used term of "well-bred".  We thank Kip True of Diamond Land & Livestock in Wyoming for the opportunity to own a mare such as this & look forward to her babies on down the road!  Diana had a superb bay filly by Jax Fed Ex in 2014.   



Dianas Diamond Lil:   NCHA earner of $1,394, OE: SLY LIL CAT (That Sly Cat x Dianas Diamond Lil, by Peppy San Badger)  Unofficial earnings: $21,512

Sonofadoc:  1982 AQHA Open Reserve World Champion Senior Cutting Horse, 1979 AQHA Open World Show Junior Cutting Horse - 7th Place, AQHA Open Performance Register of Merit, NCHA earnings of $18,786, 41.0 Open AQHA cutting points; sire of such performing offspring as BOB ACRE DOC [2 Time NCHA World Champion, NCHA Hall of Fame], THE WIDOW WILSON [Open Superior Cutting, Open AQHA Reserve World Champion Senior Cutting Horse], THE PAPA DOC [Open Superior Cutting, Open High Point Cutting Horse, Open High Point Junior Cutting Horse], DOCS BUTTER COOKIE [1988 AQHA Youth Reserve World Champion Cutting Horse, Open High Point Jr. Cutting Horse], DOCS SUNNY MANANA [Amateur Superior Team Penning Horse, Open & Amateur Performance ROMS]

Pepsis Penny (Penny)

Spring 2012
Spring 2012

Born in the last foal crop by our late, great herd-sire Pepsi Max.  Out of the mare Tuckers Technique, a double bred Doc Tom Tucker and a granddaughter of Poco Tab, by Poco Bueno.  This mare is very nearly a carbon copy of her mother, physically, but she has at least some of Pepsi's brain and disposition, which were second to none.  She is quiet, inquisitive & willing.  



Playsational (Chica)

Summer 2015
Summer 2015

A big, full-bodied, great mare with substance and yet refinement; she is what the old cowboys say you want in a broodmare - the arse of the washer lady and the face of a model.  Born and bred at the legendary Perkins Ranch in Texas, this mare has the look, disposition, conformation and color of a horse bred from success.  Sired by Chicas Playboy (2005 World Show Qualifier, 2005 NCHA Workoff Qualifier, AQHA point earner, NCHA money earner) by Freckles Playboy, she's out of a mare by Mr Sun O Lena, and also has Mr King Peppy, Peppy San Badger & Doc O Lena all on the face of her papers.    

In 2013, Chica had a great red-dun filly by Jax Fed Ex.  "Jovi" is slated to stick around the ranch, get broke and used, and eventually join the brood mare band, if she makes the cut.  

Chica is in foal to our "Winston" (Rollin In My Dually) stallion for 2016 and this foal has been sold in utero.  Congratulations, Rebecca!!    





Mr Sun O Lena:  The only stallion by DOC O’LENA to become an AQHA Champion, earning 52 AQHA points and $37,686.

At five & six, 1997 NCHA Super Stakes Amateur Classic Champion; Champion of the 1997 Abilene Western Limited Non-Pro Classic and the Abilene Western $50,000 Amateur Classic; 3rd, 1997 NCHA Non-Pro Classic/Challenge; finalist in the 1997 NCHA Super Stakes Non-Pro Classic and the 1997 NCHA Amateur Classic/Challenge; 5th, 1997 Abilene Western Non-Pro Classic.
As an aged horse, 1999 Houston Livestock Show NCHA $50,000 Amateur winner; Co-Reserve Champion of the 1999 Fort Worth Livestock Show NCHA $50,000 Amateur; 2000 Houston Livestock Show NCHA Non-Pro finalist.
In AQHA events, AQHA Champion; ROM’s in halter, cutting, and working cowhorse, with 16 halter points (9 Grands), 25.5 cutting, 10.5
cowhorse points; fourth in the Nation in 1996 AQHA Junior Cutting.

Coyote Belle (Belle)

Belle is by Durable Shine, by Shining Spark.  She is HZ black and she also carries one copy of the cream dilution gene, making her a smoky black.  She has a great head & neck, a keen face, good straight bones and a great big engine to drive it all forward!  

Belle had a great silver bay colt by Champ Silverado for 2016.   



Superior Performance, '03 RN
NRHA money-earner
World Show Qualifier, '00 O Jr RN; '02 Sr RN
Performance Point Earner
ROM Performance, '00 O

Perf Points: 51;

NRHA Earnings: $10,055;

Idle Mistress (Juno)

Juno came from a good friend, good horse-woman, and good person Colleen Munro at Cochrane, AB.  She is a big, tall, feminine, pretty mare that will make a great cross with Blue.  She works very nicely under saddle, friendly, pretty & a true black!  Juno had a stunning, big, strong grullo colt in 2014 that sold in utero to some good horse folks in Saskatchewan.     

Juno is broke to ride, quiet and safe, but not what we would call highly "educated".   She's a beautiful, tall, striking mare that can be caught and taken out for a ride, and will safely do most anything you ask of her.  She has not gotten in foal since her colt in 2014, and so she is for sale.    


Priced at $4,000 CAD or 3200 USD.        



5 panel nn     

Miss Poco 292 (Twidget)

"Twidget" came to us after having lived most of her life on the Galt Ranch in Montana and before that was born and bred by legendary breeder and horseman Frank Perkins out of Tyler, TX.  I have had the good fortune to be able to visit the Perkins Ranch in Texas, and let me tell you, we should all be so lucky as to be able to have stock from these folks and their great program.  Twidget's daddy, Poco Bueno 093, traces 50% of his blood to Poco Bueno, so she herself is 25% to the blood of Poco Bueno!  She was also a star in Animal Planets TV Show "The Last American Cowboy" when she was at the Galt Ranch.  

Out of a daughter of Mr Sun O Lena, this dark red dun beauty is one you will not forget.  She has everything we want in a broodmare and she is a thinker... smart and willing under pressure.  She's spent a couple of years with friends as their riding horse, and is now returning to the brood mare band with a confirmed 2017 foal coming by CE Poco Cara Blanca.  

The 2017 foal will be a high percentage Poco Bueno horse, an exceptional animal to have born in 2017!


Priced at $5,000 CAD or 3900 USD with 2017 foal        SOLD to Erin King Mohan of Alberta, CA      


Mr Sun O Lena:  The only stallion by DOC O’LENA to become an AQHA Champion, earning 52 AQHA points and $37,686.

At five & six, 1997 NCHA Super Stakes Amateur Classic Champion; Champion of the 1997 Abilene Western Limited Non-Pro Classic and the Abilene Western $50,000 Amateur Classic; 3rd, 1997 NCHA Non-Pro Classic/Challenge; finalist in the 1997 NCHA Super Stakes Non-Pro Classic and the 1997 NCHA Amateur Classic/Challenge; 5th, 1997 Abilene Western Non-Pro Classic.
As an aged horse, 1999 Houston Livestock Show NCHA $50,000 Amateur winner; Co-Reserve Champion of the 1999 Fort Worth Livestock Show NCHA $50,000 Amateur; 2000 Houston Livestock Show NCHA Non-Pro finalist.
In AQHA events, AQHA Champion; ROM’s in halter, cutting, and working cowhorse, with 16 halter points (9 Grands), 25.5 cutting, 10.5
cowhorse points; fourth in the Nation in 1996 AQHA Junior Cutting.

Sliden At Night (Shade)

Here is a great minded, very quiet, true black mare.  She's sired by Cutter Freckles who was a son of Colonel Freckles and out of a daughter of Cutter Bill.  She suffered an injury to a front leg at some point in her life, so she shows lameness sometimes more than others.  As a result, she spends her winters as the weanling baby-sitter and she's very good at her job! 



Starlights Stylish (Starlight)

Summer 2014
Summer 2014

Starlight is a daughter of the legendary Grays Starlight, producer of World Champions & Reserve World Champions.  She is out of a daughter of Docs Stylish Oak, who also produced World & Reserve World Champion horses, so she packs a punch in her pedigree!  She had a gorgeous gray filly, Portia, by Pegasus in 2015, who sold shortly after birth.     

(NRHA:  $2617)     



Cals Badgerette (Callie)

A direct daughter of Peppy San Badger, out of a daughter of Cal Bar x Doc Bar.  Lifetime NCHA Earnings of $9000 plus. This is a sweetheart of a mare, though sadly, we have not been able to get her in foal at this stage of her life.  We would like to thank Tim & Theresa Dykes of Topnotch Performance Horses for allowing us the opportunity to own such a well bred, fantastic mare.  


Three Bucks Tivio (Patty)

Here's an old mare with a pedigree!  She is a daughter of Par Three, by Three Bars.  Her mother was a grand-daughter of Poco Tivio.  Patty herself was a BC Cutting Futurity Champion & the Canadian Futurity Champion.  Her sire, Par Three was undefeated at halter & he produced many great performers, not the least of which was Zan Parr Bar, a versatile, using stallion that put Carol Rose in Texas on the map!  Tivio Jess King, her dam, earned over $50,000 in the cutting pen.

Poco Caroway San (PM)

PM came to us from Topnotch Performance Horses.  She has Peppy San & Poco Bueno on her papers, and is a proven mare, having produced babies that have won some money in cow horse events.  She is a very kind old mare, and in 2010 foaled a palomino colt by Simply A Spark, a full brother to Shining Spark.  Simply A Spark is simply one of the best put-up, most absolutely beautiful horses we have ever known.  His colt with PM was a home run, and he is a stunning colt who is exceptional in his looks & conformation.  The colt sold to Kip True & family at the Powderhorn Ranch in Wyoming, where Ken McNabb is a partner & he will oversee the colts training process.  He is to be one of their main herd sires, and they are very much looking forward to the genetics he carries.  PM had a beautiful, show-stopping palomino filly by Jax Fed Ex in 2011.  


Twice Royals Dina (Rina)

Coming to us from California, this is a mare we are very proud to have as part of the group!  A grand-daughter to Doc O Lena, and 28% of her blood is KING P234!  Rina is a very, very fast little mare and very self-assured.  Check out the pedigree to see she has KING P234 on the face of her papers.    


Pedigree here:

Zero On Arrival (Zero)

Fall 2011
Fall 2011

Despite what may come across as an un-becoming name, "Zero" is a great filly by Simply A Spark (full brother to Shining Spark) that comes to us from friend and mentor Liz Hunton in southern Montana.  Zero was born in a snow storm, and because of that she lost the tips of her ears and had some other things go wrong that will keep her from being a riding horse - but we think she will make a great brood mare!  By Spark and out of an own daughter of Nu Cash, by Colonel Freckles.



JAS Little Bow Baby (Bow)

Bow is a Pepsi daughter and is one of the most captivating mares we own.  In 2008 & 2009 she produced matching dun fillies by the beautiful, talented and proven grulla stallion, Jaz Poco Goldun Blue, since then, she has been bred to Jax Fed Ex with excellent results.  She is a great combination of her sire and dam, having the Pepsi mind and disposition - with a little of her dam's passion & sensitivity mixed in.  Her conformation seems to be the best of both worlds too - she is very "typey" Quarter Horse mare, and one that is often picked out the group for her great look.  Beyond the fact that she is very aesthetically pleasing, this mare is a real sweetheart.


RV Gay Widow (Kia)

This mare would fit the definition for the sub-compact cow pony class!  She would meet all the conformation and disposition qualifications the original AQHA people set out; and we are happy to have her on lease from ACC Quarter Horses out of southern Utah.  This mare is sweet, kind and easy to deal with.  She is exposed to Playguns Poco Bueno for a 2014 foal.


Early Jan. 2014 - along with the owners of this mare, we have sold Kia to Candice in BC, who is going to enjoy her very much!  Congratulations, Candice!    

By SKEENED BADGER. Superior Reining (1996-Open); Qualified Sr Reining World Show (1996-Open); Qualified Sr Reining World Show (1995-Open); World Show Sr Reining /9th Place (1994-Open); Qualif Jr Working Cow Horse World Show (1993-Open); Qualified Jr Reining World Show (1993-Open); Performance Register of Merit (1993-Open); Qualif Jr Working Cow Horse World Show (1992-Open). Earned: 21 Performance Wins; 57.0 Performance Points; 1 Performance Register of Merit; 1 Performance Superior Award. Other Earnings: AQHA World Championship Show $545.97; National Reining Horse Association $3,442.43.



AV Hickory Miss (Chickory)

"Chickory" a bay dun granddaughter of Docs Hickory, she is broke to ride and a calm, sweet mare to be around. Chickory is a willing mare that really trys hard when you ask her for something.  We love her disposition and the whole package really - she has pedigree, brains, color, looks!  Chica is in foal to Jaz Poco Goldun Blue for 2014.  



Spiced Rum N Pepsi

Born in 2006, "Morgan" is one of the nicest colts Spice & Pepsi have given me. He has a beautiful baby doll head, and the rest of him is really filling out! He looks more like a little adult quarter horse with his muscling patterns than he does a baby. Here is a colt that has the potential to be a great performance horse, or one of the prettiest and most athletic ranch horses around.

Hi Ryan,
I just wanted to send you a line to tell you that Morgan and Glo are doing great. We work with them both several times a day. Morgan is really filling out and is such a beautiful boy. Geoff is really good with him. I can't say enough about him, he has the most awesome personality. And Miss Glo, well, she is the perfect quarter horse. We get compliments on them both from everyone who sees them. The love you put into your horses really shows in their dispositions. Take care.

Thanks again,
Angie and Geoff

Zipity Frost

"Glo" is a 2004 sorrel AQHA filly by Frosty Haida (a grandson of Haidas Little Pep & Docs Jack Frost) and out of a granddaughter to the legendary western pleasure horse Zippo Pine Bar. Glo is an easy-going, friendly filly with great conformation. Likes to be around people, halter broke.  A well bred filly that could go any way.


Enjoy her in California, Geoff & Angie!   

Yellow Magnolias

A daughter of Ian Tyson's own Docs Summer Wages, this mare was bred by Tyson.  She is a good, properly built, strong mare who has raised some good foals in her lifetime, most notably a colt that topped the sale of horses at the Calgary Bull Sale.  She also has a full brother, "Will James Smoky" whom Ronnie Swales road to win the Non-Pro Bridle Class in 2008 at the Calgary Supreme.  Dark chocolate palomino, kind-eyed, well-made - everything one could ask for in a brood mare!

Tidy Cinder Cat

Born in 2005, "Cinder" is from the John Miller stock that we acquired a couple of years back, and what a filly she is. Conformation, disposition, and willingness all wrapped up in a pretty red dun package! Cinder is very genuine in her willingness to learn new things, adapt to new situations, and wants to be very friendly with people. Just check this filly's bloodlines to see consistency!

Blue Maynard Too

"Maynard" is a 1994 AQHA chestnut gelding out of a grandaughter of Two Eyed Jack. This is the kind of horse that everyone wants to own. He is a finished reiner and has some NRHA points. Maynard has done everything else too - from chasing cows, trail riding, to showing in open shows, he does it all with style. He likes people, and is easy to catch, load, shoe, trim, bath, etc. Maynard has a great and unique personality, and would make a great all-around horse, including being competetive with a junior or amateur reiner.

Tidy Cat

Tidy Cat is happily living out her days with Rick & Shawna Robinson of W&W Robinson Ranches at Pine Lake, AB.  Shawna loves the mare, and we are happy they have all found each other!  Thanks Shawna. 


"Belle" is a 2004 sorrel AQHA filly by Ole Tagger (a grandson of Peppy San) out of a granddaughter of Dry Docs Cutter (by Dry Doc 17). She is a tall, growthy filly with straight legs and a great dispostion! Belle is easy to catch, load, clip, trim, etc and she likes people. Just one of those easy to get along with horses that looks great too!

Hi Ryan,

Just wanted to let you know how the new horse we got from you is doing. My boys & I love her!! They are already leading her and brushing her and feeding her. She takes it all in. I have started to push her a bit with lounging and putting blankets, pad and saddle on. Slowly she will get broke. Shes doing really good and she has a great attitude. We are very pleased. I am emailing you a picture of her with my youngest son walking her around. Thanks Ryan.

Charity Manness
Cardston, AB

Tuff Skippen Lady

"Tuff" is a great minded 3 year old filly we started as a two year old. She was easy to start and learned things quickly. She has been ridden some as a three year old this year, and has taken to being a good trail and arena horse. With some great western pleasure bloodlines, she shows promise in her movement and ability to deal with whatever situation she is put in. This would be a great filly for anyone interested in doing some all around with a horse.

(This letter came from 9 year-old Erin about 2 months after purchasing "Tuff" who has had her name changed to a more fitting "Lady".)

Dear Ryan,

Thank you for bringing Lady into my life. She has been a good horse, I love her so much! I have not seen her for a little while, it's been very cold out and she is nice and warm in the barn. I think that she is getting along with her new friends and has been eating alot too. I also think that Lady misses her old friends. Thank you for Lady she is my best friend.

From your friend,

Pepsis Cane

Cane is a 2004 red dun gelding by our late great stallion Pepsi Max.  He was born here and lived here as Ryan's main riding horse until the time of his sale.  Cane was a good using gelding who could do it all.  He was used to pony young horses, trail ride, move cattle or horses, and even had some roping training.  Cane will certainly be missed here, but he is happy in his new home with the Brinker family in Saskatchewan - congratulations Brinkers on your purchase of a good, honest gelding.  

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