Our Mares

Rugged Ashley (Ashley)

A bit of a departure for us from the regular cow horse/foundation type mares, Ashley is sired by 2x AQHA World Show Superhorse, Rugged Lark.  Given the fact that speed equals athleticism at it's core level, our idea is to hope to take the positive traits of this 3/4 TB mare and move forward with them in progeny sired by our foundation stallions.  Ashley has a great mind, beautiful movement, and a very graceful, clean, classic front end & movement.   

Ashley had a fantastic, classy, stylish filly by Blue in 2016.  The filly is not for sale, as she'll be retained to be part of our breeding program in the future.  You can check her out under the "Young Horses" section of this website.  

Her 2017 colt is a tremendous, star-of-the-show type colt, with a dun base and a gray modifier, this colt sold very young to Daniel Patton in Ohio, USA.  Congratulations Daniel!    

For 2018, Ashley had a fantastic, big, strong red roan filly by Polly Had A Cracker who sold to some fine folks from southern BC. 

For 2019, Ashley is in foal to Dun It Ok!       

Pedigree:  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/rugged+ashley

5 panel nn   


Performance Record for Rugged Lark:  AQHA World Show Superhorse in 1985 and in 1987. Also an AQHA Superior Western Pleasure Horse, Superior Hunter Under Saddle Horse, and Superior Trail Horse. In 1987 he was the World Champion Senior Hunter Under Saddle Horse. In 1985 he was the World Champion Pleasure Driving Horse.  Earned AQHA points in Hunter Under Saddle, Western Pleasure, Trail, Hunter Hack, Reining, Working Hunter, Western Riding, Pleasure Driving, and Barrel Racing.

Goldun Bueno Bobbie (Bobbie)

Bobbie is a direct daughter of our very own Jaz Poco Goldun Blue, a proven reining horse & the most recognized grulla horse in the world! Bobbie fits our program in every way.  She has great conformation like the original Quarter Horse, and has the fantastic disposition to go along with it.  She is homozygous for black.  Thanks to Ron & Dory Yelick, for allowing us to own this mare. They called Bobbie the "pinnacle of their lifetime breeding program".

In the interest of full-disclosure, this mare is a GBED carrier.  It is a recessive disease, so this means that she carries it but it will never manifest; it will never affect her in any way.  If she passes it on to a foal, it would be the same for it.  For us, our decision not to eliminate her from the brood mare band was easy, because she's a great mare and a problem only really ever comes in on a filly that's a carrier; it would have to be carefully bred so as to never take the risk of a double GBED foal.  Otherwise, a clean foal is great or a carrier colt is easy, as he can be cut.     

Bobbie had a great dun-factored, homozygous black colt by Roosters Wrangler in 2013, who went on to a ranch near Edmonton, AB where he will become a using ranch horse, a rope horse, and perhaps a herd sire.  

Bobbie's 2015 stunning black colt by Simply A Spark sold in utero to Alberta folks who will use him in Cowboy Mounted Shooting.  Congratulatons, Blair & Myrna Anderson!    

Her 2017 grulla colt by Dun It Ok sold in utero to Jennifer Hall of Michigan, congratulations on choosing such a great prospect, Jennifer!! 

For 2019, she's in foal to Dun It Ok!          

Pedigree:  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/goldun+bueno+bobbie

4 panel nn, GBED carrier    

Sparkin Gun (Darby)

This daughter of Simply A Spark is on breeding lease with us from friend and mentor, Elizabeth Hunton of Montana.  She's a very well-made mare, strong and straight like her sire was.  Her mother was a daughter of Playgun and out of a daughter of Streakin Six!  This mare has a pedigree with athletic ability all the way through it!   

She'll be bred to Silver Assured for a 2019 silver bay foal!      


Pedigree:  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/sparkin+gun2

Jaxed Cinch (Frankie)

"Frankie" is a Jax Fed Ex daughter, out of a grand ol' foundation bred mare that was used for a little of everything in her life.  She still has Leo on the face of her papers.

Frankie is a strongly made, 15.2HH old style foundation bred mare, the kind of 'base mare' we like in the band.  She had a fantastic silver bay filly by Champ Silverado for 2017, and this filly will be making her home along the Washington coast with Stacy Day, congratulations, Stacy!!  Frankie's 2018 big, strong, bay colt by Champ Silverado will be growing up into his job as a ranch horse with Delano & Megan Kjos in British Columbia. 

She's in foal to Champ Silverado again for 2019!    

JB Wild Wahine (Holly)

Born in 2000, this solid bay mare came to live with us in late 2016.  She is a daughter of Docs Hickory, and her mother was a daughter of Just Plain Colonel by Colonel Freckles.  All these horses appear on the face of her papers, along with Doc Bar, his parents, and Reminic.  This is a "no holes" mare.       

Her 2017 bay filly is by Im A Catolena; a son of High Brow Cat, out of a daughter of Doc O Lena.  He is 5 panel nn.  This filly sold to Charlene Westerlund of Alberta, congratulations, Charlene!!  

Holly is in foal to Pegasus for 2019!    

Pedigree:  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/jb+wild+wahine

5 panel nn


Docs Hickory

AQHA High Point Cutting Stallion
#4 All-Time Leading Cutting Sire
#6 Leading Reined Cowhorse Sire
An NRHA Leading Sire
A Leading Sire Of Performance ROM
Sire Of The Earners Of Over $15,900,000
Sire of 5 AQHA World Champions


Ex Septional (Jovi)

4 years old
4 years old

"Ex Septional" (Jovi) is a red dun daughter of our late, great Jax Fed Ex stallion. She packs, on the face of her papers, Doc Bar, Poco Tivio, Freckles Playboy & Mr Sun O Lena.


Jovi has always been a very in your pocket type, quiet minded and not as sensitive as some of the Jax Fed Ex's are. She's a super well-made mare, especially in terms of balance & proportion; she also has a sharp, fine-featured head, face and neck. She's 5 panel nn.


She's in foal to Shiver Shake for her first foal in 2019!  We are really looking forward to this cross and how well it should work.   

Princess Layha (Layha)

One of our best home-raised mares, Layha is one of the youngest daughters of Jax Fed Ex and out of one of our great producing mares, Peppy Levana.   

Layha is a big, substantial, beautifully built mare.  She is thoughtful, sensitive and easy to teach.  Exposed to Star Struck Dun It for her first foal in 2020!    

Dancin To The Blues (Maia)

This drop dead beautiful mare is by our own Jaz Poco Goldun Blue stallion, and out of a sprinting TB mare. 

Maia will help us to maintain the movement, height, reach and very clean front-end that comes along with her set of genetics.  All these characteristics are things that the QH can often use an influx of. 

Simply Nu Moves (Nancy)

This mare came to us just recently in 2017 from our great friend and mentor in the horse business, Elizabeth Hunton.  She is a daughter of Simply A Spark (full brother to Shining Spark) and out of a daughter of Nu Cash, by Colonel Freckles.  This mare is big and deep bodied, well made, and carries a ton of the style her daddy had.  We are very happy to have such a great daughter of Simply A Spark in our brood mare band!    

She had a fantastic filly by Rollin In My Dually for 2018.  This filly is a grand daughter to CD Olena & Simply A Spark, and has Doc O Lena, Dual Pep, Dazzling Pistol (Playgun full sister), Genuine Doc & Nu Cash all on the face of her papers.  She is the third filly from our program sold to Alan Leys, who's building a beautiful set of mares for his future! 

She's in foal to Shiver Shake for a 2019 baby!!        

Pedigree:  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/simply+nu+moves

Pepsis Promise (Promise)

Born in the final year of foals from our late, great herd-sire Pepsi Max.  Out of the mare Impression Ability, a mare whom we showed succesfullly in open & AQHA shows.  Promise is one of the prettiest, most eye-catching mares that you will see.  She is quiet, responsive & correct.  Promise is now started and will spend a few years being ridden before we decide what stallion to breed her to.   

Promise's first foal was a striking silver filly by Champ Silverado, born in 2016.  She was bred back for her 2017 colt, who is sold to Joanne Mott and going to spend at least part of his life being a pony horse on the race-track!  Congratulations, Joanne!  

Promise is not in foal for 2018.     

Pedigree:  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/jaf+pepsis+promise

Lookinattareata (Reata)

This young silver bay mare came to us from friends, although they didn't really want to part with her!  She spent a number of months in training with our friend and good horseman Adam Thiessen in Saskatchewan, and is now a go to horse for anyone that needs a quiet minded, capable mare for a ride.  She's taller than most of our mares, and an overall sturdy mare.  We appreciate her "user-friendly" mind the most!  5 panel nn through parentage.  

Reata's first foal is a 2017 bay dun, silver dilution carrying colt by Jaz Poco Goldun Blue!!  He sold to Brandon & Rosalyne Thoma of Alberta, congratulations, you guys!  

She's in foal for 2018... to Silver Assured!!     

Pedigree:  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/lookinattareata 

My Blonde Ex (Shelby)

Photo by Tanja Schneider Photography
Photo by Tanja Schneider Photography

Born here in 2011, Shelby is a daughter of our very own Jax Fed Ex.  She is also a show-stopping, big, strong, growthy, yet very feminine, fine-featured mare.  This is the kind of horse that makes you sure about breeding those two parents again.... and again.... and again....  if it aint broke, dont fix it.  Though sadly we never got this cross again, we are happy to have Shelby and all she brings to our program.  This is one of the nicest mares we have ever raised.  Shelby has 12.5% Poco Bueno blood, along with Doc Bar, Poco Tivio, Poco Tab, & Rocky San (by Peppy San) all on the face of her papers.  Her mother was one of those tremendously producing mares, and after 2 foals with us, it appears that she is too.      

Shelby's first foal, a filly by CE Poco Cara Blanca was born in 2016, a nearly perfect red filly.  She sold to Natasha Teri of Alberta.     

Shelby's 2017 grulla filly by Jaz Poco Goldun Blue sold in utero to Jessica Justinick, 2013 Calgary Stampede Queen!   

For 2018, Shelby is in foal to Rollin In My Dually!    


Pedigree:  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/my+blonde+ex

Silken Silver (Silken)

This beautiful, big-bodied mare is sired by Chinky Silver and out of a daughter of Doc O Dynamite, who was by Doc O Lena and out of a Gay Bar King daughter.  Her mother was a daughter of Paddys Irish Whiskey.  This mare is put together right and easy to be around.  


Pedigree:  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/silken+silver

4 panel nn, GBED carrier 

Crossed My Heart (Smoke)

Smoke is a beautiful buckskin daughter of Jax Fed Ex, who came up to us from Oregon.  She is out of a daughter of Jab O Lena ($4,500 + NCHA), by Doc O Lena.  She is a very nice, easy to be around mare who should cross nicely with a couple of our stallions.  

She had a great buckskin colt by Rollin In My Dually in 2015, and he sold to Cynthia Dyck of Leduc, where he'll be going into the reining pen with her! 

Smoke has not had a foal since 2015.    


Pedigree:  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/crossed+my+heart 

Few N Far (Spice)

Here's an amazing bodied, amazing built, amazing minded mare by our nearly $55,000 NCHA earning son of Playgun, out of a daughter of Peppy San Badger.  Her mother is out of a mare by Colonel Freckles, and having had this filly at 23 years old, they just don't make 'em like this anymore.  This filly's mother is absolute Quarter Horse Royalty.     

We are truly blessed to have a mare bred like this, and more-so because she's home-raised!  She's in foal to Shiver Shake for 2021.      

Jaz Poco Tiara (Tee)

This sturdy true black mare was bred at the Jaz Ranch, and is a paternal half-sister to our very own Jaz Poco Goldun Blue.  She is a daughter of Little Steel Dust, and she's out of a daughter of Continental King, by King P234.  So, she indeed packs King & Poco Bueno on the face of her papers!   

Tee had a fantastic, tall, elegant silver filly by Silver Assured in 2017, so we've bred her back the same way for 2018!    

Pedigree:  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/jaz+poco+tiara

Sun N Roses (Tori)

A beautiful and sweet mare, who also happens to be a direct daughter of Mr Sun O Lena.  Originating from the good stock on the Perkins Ranch in Texas, we couldn't be more pleased to have this great set of genetics in such a pretty package to add to the female power here.  

Tori's 2014 colt was a tremendous liver chestnut colt by CE Poco Cara Blanca, who, rightly so, sold to a home where he will have the chance to prove himself and be a stallion.  Tori had a beautiful, great-minded sorrel colt by Pegasus in 2015.  For 2016, Tori had a classic chestnut colt by Pegasus.  He is happily living with a repeat customer of ours from Airdrie, AB!  Congratulations and many thanks, Kaylea!! Tori's 2017 gray colt by Pegasus is going to be a herd sire in Saskatchewan!  Congratulations Dwayne & Lori Chute!   

She's bred back the same way for 2018, to Pegasus.... the old saying goes 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it!'     

Tori is a GBED carrier.  It is a recessive disease, so this means that she carries it but it will never manifest.  If she passes it on to a foal, it would be the same for that foal.  To us, it's not a huge issue because our stallions are all, always 5 panel nn.       


Pedigree:  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/sun+n+roses




Mr Sun O Lena:  The only stallion by DOC O’LENA to become an AQHA Champion, earning 52 AQHA points and $37,686.

At five & six, 1997 NCHA Super Stakes Amateur Classic Champion; Champion of the 1997 Abilene Western Limited Non-Pro Classic and the Abilene Western $50,000 Amateur Classic; 3rd, 1997 NCHA Non-Pro Classic/Challenge; finalist in the 1997 NCHA Super Stakes Non-Pro Classic and the 1997 NCHA Amateur Classic/Challenge; 5th, 1997 Abilene Western Non-Pro Classic.
As an aged horse, 1999 Houston Livestock Show NCHA $50,000 Amateur winner; Co-Reserve Champion of the 1999 Fort Worth Livestock Show NCHA $50,000 Amateur; 2000 Houston Livestock Show NCHA Non-Pro finalist.
In AQHA events, AQHA Champion; ROM’s in halter, cutting, and working cowhorse, with 16 halter points (9 Grands), 25.5 cutting, 10.5
cowhorse points; fourth in the Nation in 1996 AQHA Junior Cutting.

Play Mencha Peppy (Xena)

Coming to us from Drs. Waylon & Brittany Wise, we are very fortunate to have this mare.  She was one of their main "go-to" mounts for everything, but unfortunately she damaged a tendon sheath and it just couldn't be repaired.  That meant she wouldn't work for a riding horse for them, and so she came to join our brood mare program.  Sired by Playdox, and as a granddaughter to both Freckles Playboy and Peppy San Badger, she's a very well-bred mare with alot to offer!  She's a bit of a longer, taller type of mare than you'd expect from her pedigree, and she's very eye-catching.  We do still ride and use this mare a bit, without over doing it.  She's a sweet mare to have around, and always a favorite amongst our summer Interns!    

She's in foal to Dun It Ok for 2018!  Guaranteed black-based dun factor foal.     

Pedigree:  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/play+mencha+peppy

4 panel nn, HERDA carrier    

Bar IJ Poco Sugar (Zoey)

Zoey came to us after we got her daddy, CE Poco Cara Blanca.  Injured in a gate sometime in her life before us, she sometimes shows stiffness getting around and so she is not a riding mare.  Zoey is the old style Quarter Horse, thick and substantial, but she's very pretty and feminine through her neck and head.  We are very happy to have this red dun, old-bred mare in our band; thank you to Barry & Sylvia Webb for the chance to have this super mare.    

Zoey had a fantastic, super quiet minded sorrel filly by Rollin In My Dually in 2016, who now lives with her forever family near Chicago, Illinois.  Thank you to the Hunter family!   

Her 2017 red dun filly is from the same cross; only this one will be staying here with us!  You can see her and other "keepers" from our program under the "Young Horses" tab of this website.   

In 2018, Zoey had a matching filly to the 2018, only this one will make her home in New Zealand some day!  For 2019, Zoey is in our Designer Foal Program, where a wise and fortunate horse-woman has ordered up a foal from her by Dun It Ok!      

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