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Consider either our Designer Foal Program, where you choose from our stallions and mares for your own creation, or an in utero foal for 2018.   

2017 gray colt (Pegasus x Sun N Roses) SOLD

Sired by Pegasus, a horse who has earned nearly $55,000 in the cutting pen, this is a tremendously attractive colt.  His mother is a stellar mare and she produced a show-stopping colt by Pegasus in 2015 & 16, just like all the foals she has had for us.   

This foal will is a grandbaby to both Playgun & Mr Sun O Lena, and have great names on the face of it's papers like Freckles Playboy, Miss Silver Pistol, Doc O Lena, & Mr King Peppy.  

Sun N Roses is a GBED carrier.  This colt has been genetically tested and is NOT a carrier, and he does carry one copy of gray, so he will go gray.      


$4000 CAD/3200 USD


Congratulations Dwayne & Lori Chute of SK, Canada!  Looking forward to seeing how this colt does for you as a stallion!    

2017 silver bay filly (Silver Assured x Jaz Poco Tiara) SOLD

This classy, elegant silver bay filly is a true beauty!  She's sired by our young silver stallion, and out of a half sister to our Jaz Poco Goldun Blue.  She carries a copy of silver, of course, but also will be Aa for agouti, coming from her black mother.  She's already over half as tall as her mother, we expect her to mature out at 15HH plus.  She's shedding out to a super dark bay body color, this is a tremendous filly.     


$7500 CAD/6000 USD       


Thank you Chase Resources, Calgary, AB!  This is a stunning filly!     

2017 bay colt (CE Poco Cara Blanca x Gordies Orphan Annie) SOLD

This great colt is the last by our old Poco Bueno grandson.  His mother is a big, tall old foundation bred mare that has been there and done that, used for everything over her lifetime.  She's the go-to mare - the quiet mind that anybody can deal with - the most educated horse in the arena - the always faithful mare.  It's mares like this that really deserve to have foals!  

This colt will have Poco Bueno on the face of his papers, as well as a daughter of Wimpy P1 and a son of Leo.  Foundation breeding at it's finest!   


$4000 CAD/3000 USD  


Congratulations, Kate Mathison from Alberta!!   We know this colt will be a long term, steady minded hand and friend for you.  Thank you for supporting our breeding program!       

2017 bay filly (Im A Catolena x JB Wild Wahine) SOLD

This perfect little bay filly has a pedigree you just can't find a hole in!  Sire:  Dam:

This is a cutting horse/cowhorse/ranch horse extraordinaire!!    She could also be a valuable, truly well-bred brood mare later in life.   Both parents are 5 panel nn.    


$3500 CAD/$2700 USD    


Congratulations, Charlene Westerlund!   Enjoy this beautiful filly!!     

2017 silver dun colt (Jaz Poco Goldun Blue x Lookinattareata) SOLD

This fantastic silver dun colt is one of the last of his kind, as his sire is now retired from breeding outside mares, and sold and gone from our ranch.  He also very rarely threw colts, so that coupled with the fact that this colt carries the silver dilution, really makes him a rare commodity!    

He sports a baby doll head and face, a great neck and all the right parts in all the right places!  He is 5 panel nn by parentage, and will carry one copy of dun, one of silver, one of agouti, and at least one of black, possibly two.  He's not the first ever dun silver foal in the AQHA, but certainly one of the first.    


For sale via private treaty.  


Congratulations to Brandon & Rosalyne Thoma of Diamond T Quarter Horses, Alberta!    

2017 sorrel filly (Pegasus x Desire Sum Luck) SOLD

Sired by Pegasus, our Playgun son and the earner of nearly $55,000 NCHA, this is a tremendous filly!   

Desire Sum Luck (CC) is an NRHA earning daughter of Paddys Irish Whiskey and out of a daughter of Genuine Doc.  She produced a great 2015 foal of the same cross, who sold in utero.  Don't miss out on this great baby.  

Both parents are 5 panel nn. 

This filly is drop dead gorgeous, and we expected no less from this cross.  She should be very able and willing to do any cow horse sport!   


Sold to Diana in BC, Canada!  Congratulations!   

2017 dun colt (Jaz Poco Goldun Blue x Rugged Ashley) SOLD

Sired by The Most Recognized Grulla Horse in the World, Jaz Poco Goldun Blue, and out of a daughter of Rugged Lark - two time AQHA Superhorse, this is very likely to be an exceptional foal!  We kept the full sister from 2016 to move into our brood mare band in the future.  

The cross of these two parents, although very different, worked very well in 2016.  Acquiring the substance, bone and hip from her sire and yet the movement and great front end of her 3/4 Thoroughbred mother, the 2016 filly is truly exceptional.  We expect this foal to be no different. 

100% chance of dun factor base coat, 50% chance of graying out, both parents are 5 panel nn, this will be an Appendix Registered AQHA foal.    


Inquire for pricing.


SOLD to Daniel Patton in Ohio, USA.   



2017 silver bay filly (Champ Silverado x Jaxed Cinch) SOLD

Our first born for 2017 was a great way to start off the foaling year!   

A beautiful, well-made silver filly by Champ Silverado and out of a daughter of Jax Fed Ex.      


$5000 CAD/$3800 USD     


SOLD to Stacy Day of WA, USA     

2017 sorrel filly (Pegasus x Peppy Levana) SOLD

Demi with her 2017 filly.  Thanks to Tanja Schneider for this picture!
Demi with her 2017 filly. Thanks to Tanja Schneider for this picture!

Sired by our son of Playgun, Pegasus, an earner of nearly $55,000 NCHA and out of one of our best, most consistent producing mares, we expect this to be a great foal!  The same cross produced an outstanding colt in 2015.  

Peppy Levana is by Got Pep by Peppy San Badger by Mr San Peppy, and her mother was by Ian Tyson's Docs Summer Wages, who was by Mr San Peppy.  This means the mare is line-bred back to Mr San Peppy and it shows in her ability to produce, each and every time she has a foal.  This will be a good one!  

Both parents are 5 panel nn.  

This foal will be a grandbaby to both Playgun & Got Pep, with Freckles Playboy, Miss Silver Pistol, & Peppy San Badger all on the face of it's papers.  


Sold!  Congratulations Diana from BC, Canada!    

2017 foal in utero (Jaz Poco Goldun Blue x My Blonde Ex) SOLD

Sired by The Most Recognized Grulla Horse in the World, Jaz Poco Goldun Blue, and out of one of our home-raised daughters of Jax Fed Ex, we expect great things from this guaranteed dun-factor, possible cream dilution carrying foal!  


Sold to Jessica Justinick, Calgary Stampede Queens Alumni member      

2017 foal in utero (Jaz Poco Goldun Blue x Whizzin Lena) SOLD

Sired by The Most Recognized Grulla Horse in the World, Jaz Poco Goldun Blue & out of an NRHA earning daughter of Topsail Whiz, this should be a fantastic foal!    

Guaranteed dun factor, both parents are 5 panel nn   


Sold to the Woroneicki family of North Dakota, USA!    

2017 gray filly (Pegasus x Jeeps Grand Cherokee) SOLD

Sired by our son of Playgun, Pegasus - an earner of nearly $55,000 NCHA and out of an NCHA earning mare, Jeeps Grand Cherokee (Cherokee), here's your cow-work foal!  One of our earliest expected foals of 2017, we have high hopes for this first time mother and her Pegasus foal!  

50% chance of this foal being gray.  

More info about both the sire and the dam can be found in the other sections of our website. 


$3500 CAD/$3000 USD   


SOLD to Jocelynne Palin of Alberta, Canada.  

2017 foal in utero (Dun It Ok x Miss Pistol Player) SOLD

Sired by our Dun It Ok, and NRHA earning grand son of Hollywood Dun It and out of our full sister to Playgun, Miss Pistol Player - here is what will be one of the best pedigreed dun factor foals of 2017!!   Not many other dun or grulla foals will be from mothers like this - this foal's mother gives it the bragging rights of being a grand baby to both Freckles Playboy and Miss Silver Pistol.  Based on the prepotency of Dun It Ok and his ability to always throw forward a great mind, ability, beautiful head and neck, and black-based dun factor, this should be a truly exceptional foal that won't be produced anywhere else!     

Guaranteed dun or grulla foal - both parents 5 panel nn.    


$7000 CAD/$5500 USD  


Congratulations to Jacki Knight of BC, Canada!     

2017 foal in utero (Dun It Ok x Goldun Bueno Bobbie) SOLD

Sired by our Dun It Ok stallion, an NRHA earner and out of a daughter of our Jaz Poco Goldun Blue stallion, here is a much anticipated 2017 foal!   

The stallion is homozygous for dun and for black, and the mare is homozygous black - meaning this foal can only be homozygous black, and either dun or grulla, depending on the agouti genetics it receives.  Should be a tremendous, exquisitely beautiful foal!  Goldun Bueno Bobbie is a GBED carrier.  More info on both the sire and dam available in the other sections of this website.  



$5000 CAD/$4000 USD 


Congratulations to Jennifer Hall of Michigan, USA!!  

In Utero Foal Buying Details

Our in utero contract is quite simple and you as the buyer do not carry the risk of gestation or birth on the foal.  If the foal is born and does not survive or has problems, you do not have to keep it. You, as the buyer, can change out for another one or wait for another foal another year.  If you choose to keep your foal, your risk starts when it is 7 days old.  We encourage our buyers to take out mortality insurance on their foals; it's just a good idea to cover your investment.

Email or call if you'd like more details.  


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