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Photo credit to Tara McKenzie Fotos
Photo credit to Tara McKenzie Fotos

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Remember, all mares breeding to our stallions will be required to be 5 panel genetic disease tested as of 2017 breeding season.

It's the right thing to do.



Photo credit to Tanja Schneider Photography
Photo credit to Tanja Schneider Photography

Our philosophy here is simple - breed the best mares to the best stallions, based on the strengths and weaknesses of the animals in the pairing.  In that consideration, we contemplate the genetic traits given to the stallion and the mare in question from their ancestry; ancestry, which we trace for one simple reason - consistency.  The whole existence of registraion papers showing pedigree is to allow the breeder an educated understanding of consistent traits.  I do not believe that simply choosing a stallion for a mare based on what each has won, or whether or not they come from families that are known for this discipline or that discipline is always best; in the perpetuation of domestic animals, the breeder needs be both a scientist and an artist.  The breeder must have the wherewithall to look objectively at their animals and know what it is that animal would require to be better - then match it to an animal that brings those characteristics to the table.  

The AQHA horse has, in so many cases, been bred into such a specialized animal that they only work for that discipline, IF they work for that discipline, and if they are lucky enough to get through the early riding & training process without breaking down or generally failing out.  I have never been accused of chasing a discipline with pedigree; that is - just because it is a "cutting horse" or a "reining horse" doesn't mean it can and should only be bred to a horse with a pedigree that is also recognizable only in that particular discipline.  Most of the time, a horse has weak points that need careful consideration in choosing a mate; horses should not be bred based solely on paper to paper, or earnings to earnings.  It is our belief that those people with horses so specifically bred - always, eventually, come back to the "old time" or "versatility" breeding to bring back brains, legs, feet, overall structure, etc. 

Our horses are used for real, everyday life, work and play.  Versatility was what the Quarter Horse was built on; and our goal is to breed the best all-around horse that truly can do it all.

The Fleetwood family has been breeding horses for generations on this very place in southern Alberta; and consider ourselves to be horse people, not just people who own horses. 

We believe a stallion should always be as close to perfect as possible.  We also believe in trying to do what is best for the breed.  In that vein, we will be requiring all mares bred to our stallions to have a 5 panel genetic disease test done, as of 2017's breeding season.         

We love to talk horses and frequently have horse tours on the place, so don't hesitate to call & come for a visit.


Ryan A. Fleetwood


About the author:   


Ryan has spent a wealth of time riding with professional trainers and instructors, and working for & with some of them too.  Jess Hartung, Casey Hinton, Bob Grimshaw, Jason Grimshaw & Shawn Seabrook to name a few.  Ryan not only enjoys his horses at home, but does a number of different horse related events, such as judging 4H & Open shows, doing clinics for 4H groups and other riding groups, announcing or emceeing at different horse-related events (shows, team pennings, etc.) and also doing pedigree work at horse sales.  

Ryan is an Equestrian Judge for the Calgary Stampede Queen & Princess Competition, and is currently a director on the board of the Canadian Quarter Horse Association.     

For years, Ryan ran his own auction company, Champion Auctions, and did 10 years of the "Western Working Horse Sales".  Other than horses, Ryan is currently a Vulcan County Councillor.    

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